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HEYDAY film project @ Ronald Ross

The HEYDAY UK film course aims to give young people who struggle with motivation and persistence an experience of project-based learning within a team. Film naturally lends itself to the strengthening of skills such as confidence, public speaking and perseverance, and students know that creating their own films increases status and adds value to their achievement. Students have been involved in all aspects of filmmaking; from directing to acting, writing to editing. At the end of each course, friends and families will be invited to a screening of  our students' films. At HEYDAY UK, we believe in the artistic potential of young people, especially those who are finding it hard to achieve at school. Here are some of our Ronald Ross short films for you to see please click on the links below.

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Open larger versionShow larger version - The boy on the bench - Collect your tokens - "Noise" A short anti-bullying film - Can we have our ball back? -The girl who shouted out - Mr Robberson - Litter Bug


For further information about the project please click here for the HEYDAY UK website!who-we-are/c18bc