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We have a Governing Body who take an active interest in the life of our school and visit us regularly.  If you would like to become a governor this document should answer any questions you might have:  Information for prospective governors.

The current list of our Governors is as follows:


Co-opted from the Community     


Mr Charles Runcie: Chair of Governors and Chair of Finance Committee

Charles is Chair of Governors, a position he has held since November 2011, and has been on the full Governing Body since 2006.  He oversees the work of the Governing Body, its two sub committees, and represents the school o/docs/Ronald_Ross_list_of_Governors_November_2016.pdfn occasions as and when needed at public and council events.  He is extremely proud of the School, its staff and the pupils – “we really punch above our weight, and are a credit to the community” he says. A resident of Southfields since 1998, Charles is also vice-chair of the local residents association.  When not involved with the life of the school he is a self-employed broadcasting and sports consultant, having worked for many years at the BBC, latterly as its Head of Sport, English Regions.

Appointed by Wandsworth Council

Dr Peter Brett

LA Appointed Governor

Staff Governors                                   

Mrs Debbie Hart: Head Teacher

Debbie Hart joined the school as Head Teacher in September 2007. Prior to that she had been a Headteacher working in the City of Nottingham. She graduated from Goldsmiths College University of London with a B.Ed (Hons) and gained her NPQH in 2005. She has worked with London Challenge and local Wandsworth Schools to support school improvement and was executive Head of a local Wandsworth school in 2011. Most recently, she has been a Consultant Headteacher for an academy chain in Kent, whilst also leading Ronald Ross Primary School.

Deputy Head

 Ms Abigail Downes: Deputy Head Teacher/SENDco

Abigail has been a teacher for 14 years and is Deputy Head as well as Inclusion Manager at Ronald Ross.  

Parent Governors

Dafydd Townley

Parent Governor

Dafydd Townley is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD candidate in the History department at the University of Reading, researching modern political history of the United States. He had previously spent 20 years in management positions in the retail and leisure trade. He decided to become a parental governor so as to give something back to the school that two of his children attended. He is currently a member of the CPC subcommittee and Vice Chair of the Governing Body.

Munawara Mujeeb

 Munawara Mujeeb completed a MA in physics and  taught Maths and Science at both primary and secondary level back in Pakistan. Mrs Mujeeb has volunteered several times at Ronald Ross helping children with reading and maths; her daughter also attends Ronald Ross.

Sarah Alleyne

Sarah has 20 years of employment history which comprises client liaison, administration and management roles. She has regularly offered practical assistance in school events. She fully supports Ronald Ross pupils and staff through the Greenmead School collaboration and looks forward to experiencing the transition. Sarah has three children, two of which attend Ronald Ross and she is passionate about sharing their education journey and progress.  She is enthusiastic to work with the school, for the benefit of Ronald Ross children.

Sadia Gill

Sadia has 3 boys attending Ronald Ross.  She studied Business and previously worked as a administrator.

The parent governor role is new to Sadia, and she is looking forward to the challenges ahead, learning more about school and being part of the school. She is passionate about the well being , happiness and education of all the children and looks forward to supporting them and parents as a parent governor.

Community Governors

Anne Trevelyn

Anne Trevelyn

 Anne has lived in Putney since 1968 - she taught Maths at Southfields Community College and then at Richmond-Upon-Thames College until retirement three years ago. Anne’s 3 children all went to Wandsworth primary and secondary schools and she has been a volunteer as well as a Governor at Ronald Ross for over 6 years.

 Community Governor

Gayle Monaghan

Gayle has lived in Wandsworth for 11 years and wanted to get more involved with her local community by becoming a school governor.  She is a qualified architect and has been involved in various school building projects as an architect, project manager and client representative. She is currently working as a project manager on the government's Free Schools programme.  Gayle hopes to be able to help Ronald Ross through the ongoing building project and transition into the new school building.


 If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors Mr Charles Runcie please email


Please click here for the list of Governors as of November 2016.


Governor mission statement

Be the Best you can be

The Governing Body aims to support the Mission Statement of Ronald Ross Primary School by ensuring that the school provides a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment where every child can realise his or her full potential. We will achieve this through both an active involvement in the daily life of the school, and by working closely with the school’s management team:

  • to agree policies, priorities, and performance targets for accomplishing these objectives;
  • to look for evidence that these objectives are being achieved, asking forthright questions of the management team as a critical friend.
  • our actions will be rooted in the best interests of the school and its pupils, and we will always be prepared to explain our decisions openly and honestly to staff, parents, pupils, government, and anyone else in the wider community with an interest in the conduct and standards of the school.

Committee members  November 2016

Pay, Finance, Premises & Personnel

Curriculum, Pupils & Community

·         Chair: Mr Daffyd Townley

·         Dr Peter Brett

·         Ms Abigail Downes

·         Mrs Debbie Hart

·         Ms Charli Harding

·         Mrs Anne Trevelyan

Mrs Julie Meredith: Adviser

Ms Sandra Mendonca: Clerk

·         Chair: Mr Charles Runcie

·         Ms Abigail Downes

·         Mrs Debbie Hart

·         Mrs Munawara Mujeeb

·         Mrs Sadia Mahmood

·         Mrs Sarah George

·         Mrs Kirsty Benham

Mrs Julie Meredith: Adviser

Mrs Sarah Wheatley: Clerk

Subject Areas

Each governor is linked to a subject area. Governors meet with subject leaders to discuss attainment and achievement. Reports are given to all members of the Governing body.

  • HEALTH & SAFETY to include risk assessments / School trips & visits / School Buildings & Premises: Dr Peter Brett
  • CURRICULUM – including an overview of the New & Creative curriculum/ topics & themes / curriculum enrichment & teaching and learning: Anne Trevelyan
  • MATHS - including an overview of the curriculum: Munawara Mujeeb
  • HISTORY - including an overview of the curriculum: Daffyd Townley
  • COMMUNITY / PARENTS & CARERS including Parental involvement / Aspire PTA: Sadia Gill, Sarah Alleyne and Munawara Mujeeb
  • GIFTED & TALENTED/SEN: Charles Runcie
  • Other areas to be confirmed

The Key Areas for School Improvement (KEY PRIORITIES 2015/2016)

  • 1 – Continue to improve Standards in Literacy across the Whole School
  • 2 – Continue to improve Standards in Numeracy across the Whole School
  • 3 – Embedding and developing a rich and relevant Curriculum
  • 4 – Developing Assessments without Levels
  • 5 – Managing the smooth running of the School through the ongoing New Build Project.



Delegated Authority  



1.1 To provide guidance to the governing body and the head on all matters relating to finance, premises and personnel.

1.2 To consider the financial implications of the school improvement plan and any other associated     management plans, including OFSTED action plans, and to report to the governing body, or other committee, as appropriate

1.3 To prepare the school’s annual budget statement in conjunction with the Head which will be recommended to the governing body prior to the submission of the budget plan to Wandsworth LA.

1.4 To monitor expenditure and income at each meeting

1.5 To agree financial policy statements as required

1.6 To authorise virements between budget headings, as permitted by the LA Scheme for Financing    Schools, to the limits set out in the delegated authorities (attached)

1.7 To agree the level of day to day financial management of the head and other staff, including approval of a list of certifying officers for submission to the LA as and when required

  • 8 To maintain the control of and arrange the auditing of the school fund accounts
  • 9 To approve applications to LA for loans in accordance with the LA Loans Scheme, subject to any such applications being reported to the governing body
  • 10

1.10 To determine any other matters referred to the committee by the governing body or other committee (CPC)

  • 11 To report to the governing body each term any action taken within the powers delegated to the committee
  • 12 To review the school’s charging policy both for school activities and lettings
  • 13 The committee will meet once every term unless an emergency meeting is called


  • 1 All governors have the opportunity to join
  • 2 A quorum of members must be present before a meeting can proceed (4)
  • 3 Internal or external persons may be invited to attend the meetings at the request of the   Chairperson on behalf of the committee to provide advice and assistance where necessary. They have no voting rights and may be requested to leave the meeting at any time by the chairperson
  • 4 Decisions will be made by majority voting
  • 5 Committee  members will cease to be a member if they:
  • 6 Resign from the committee
  • 7 Resign from the governing body
  • 8 Breach confidentiality

5.1 The Chairperson shall be elected by the committee for a period of 12 months. Their responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling meetings and notifying committee members
  • Inviting external advisors to attend meetings when required
  • Guiding the meeting according to the agenda and time available
  • Ensure all discussion items end with a decision, action or definite outcome
  • Review and approve the draft minutes before distribution

The role of the minute taker is to

6.1 Prepare agendas and issuing notices for meetings, and ensuring all necessary documents    requiring discussion or comment are attached to the agenda

  • 2 Distributing the agenda one week prior to the meeting
  • 3 Taking notes of proceedings and preparing minutes of meeting
  • 4 Distributing the minutes to all committee members one week after the meeting
  • 5 The minutes shall be checked by the chairperson and accepted by committee members as a true and accurate record at the commencement of the next meeting.


The terms of reference will be reviewed annually from the date of approval

The above Terms of Reference for Ronald Ross Finance Committee have been agreed.