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Late arrival

Our School day starts at 9.00am and it is important that the children arrive at school on time to begin their lessons promptly.

All late arrivals must be recorded and persistent lateness will be referred to the educational welfare officer. Please report to the school office when arriving late where you will need to sign the late book. Children will be marked late after 9.10am. Please see Sandra or Laverne in our school office.


If your child is sick, please telephone the office or send a message on the School Gateway app at the beginning of school and send a letter on return to school.  If your child is absent from school for more than two days we need a doctors letter.


If you need to take your child to an appointment during the school day, please provide a letter or appointment card  to the class teacher.  If at all possible please try and make appointments out of school hours.


Please visit the office at the beginning or the end of the school day for information. To see your child's teacher please arrange an appointment at the office.